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Members and guests of the General Synod 2018


The congregations of the Evangelical Reformed Church Westminster Confession in Austria and Switzerland are united in a federation that is administrated by the Synod.

The pastors and elders of all congregations and missionary plants attend the assembly of the Synod. Every third year a General Synod takes place, where fraternal delegates and members of supporting organizations are invited. In the years in between the assemblies take place as ‘working synods’, where only the ministers and elders of the ERKWB attend.

Book of Church Order

The ERKWB in Austria and Switzerland subscribes to a common Church Order to present themselves as the visible body of Christ and to act in spiritual unity according to God’s purpose. The Church Order contains the following parts:

  1. Proclamation through word and deed: the building of the missionary church.
  2. The Church as covenant community of God: the life of worship.
  3. The rules of procedure in Church and state: financial and organizational regulations.
  4. The foundation of the Church: Confession, constitution and ecclesiastical fellowship.